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Frozen Drink Machine Rentals
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Frequently Asked Question

We created this page with our customers in mind.  Please let us know if you do not see your question here.

Can I get the machine delivered?

For the 2020 season we will not be deliverying machines due to COVID19.  Customers will be required to pick up and return the machines.  You will need a van, SUV or an extended cab truck for pick up.  We will give you the instructions how to operate the machine when you arrive to pick it up.  Pick up times will be coordinated with customers via phone or email.

 How many drinks will a mix make?  

Each mix makes approximately 50 nine ounce servings. 

How much are additional mixes?

$22 per mix.  You only pay for the additional mixes you open.  All returned mixes will incur a $2.00 restocking fee.

Are the mixes alcoholic? 

No,  all of our mixes are kid friendly but you may add alcohol to any of our mixes.  We will even offer suggestions if you would like to help create a signature drink for your event or party.

May we use our own mixes?

No, our mixes are made exclusively for our machines Other mixes may cause damage to the machine and could result in additional charges.

What if I must cancel my reservation?

We require 60 day notification for a 100% refund and 30 day notification for 50% refund.  Any cancellations made less than 30 days may be consider but not guaranteed.   

How much ice do we need? 

This is an amazing question and the answer is even more amazing !!!  NO ICE is needed.  The machine has a built in compressor and makes each drink the same as the first.  No watered down drinks and they will not separate like the frozen drinks that use ice and are made in a blender.

May we use an extension cord? 

This is a tough question because we prefer you do not but we do understand that sometimes an event is located away from a close dedicated power supply.  Extension cords must be approved by us and we will furnish them if required.  With that being said even if an extension cord is approved the machine must be kept with 25 feet of a dedicated power supply.

May we use a generator?  

No.  The power supply must be dedicated and supply 20 continuous amps. 

May we move the machine from one location to another?

Not without express written permission form the owner of Sea-Freeze.  If the machine is moved without the express written permission from the owner a $500 transportation fee will be assesed to the rental.

If you have any other questions please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.




Telephone 252-480-2340, Email sea-freeze@charter.net